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XStega is a steganography tool to hide file and message in a covert way inside a picture.
This tool features both steganography and cryptography technology to protect your information.

This tool is made for simplicity usage. To use this tool, just follow the screen.
It is very trivial since you only need to follow the steps.

Quick help:
-Encode> inject file and message into covert picture
-Decode> retrieve file and show message
-Watermark> inject hidden watermark in pictures

This tool works well with JPG and BMP files as the covert picture. Have fun!
For more information about this tool and updates, go to
If you find any bugs or having issues or other requests, please contact ari[dot]trikesuma[at]gmail[dot]com



You can download it OTA with this link
here (Short link:
Or the COD file with this link here


Desktop version is here (v1.0b)


How to use?

For desktop version, run the jar file you downloaded.
Make sure you have Java installed on your computer.
Go to encode and input your covert image, for example: "c:\users\user\desktop\funny.jpg" (exclude the quotes)
Include document path if you also want to inject a file.
Password is currently disabled because compatibility with XStega for BlackBerry is not completed yet! (Sorry!)
Input your message..
Then input the save path, just like the covert path.
At last, just click the Encode button! Voila

To decode, just input the encoded file path and click the Decode button.
If save button is enabled, that means your file has a document embedded! Click save to save the file!

BlackBerry version, just follow the steps.. You wont miss any single step since it is deeply debugged. :P


Update 20 July 2013

The mobile app is updated to version 1.2.1
Updated the key for encryption to 192 bit key length to make sure your data is secure!
Might not be able to decrypt the old files. (Using different key length, 192 bit!)
Desktop version 1.0 beta is released!

Update 19 July 2013

The mobile app XStega is released! Beta testing is opened!
Please give suggestion and comment for the application. Thank you.
Might not be able to decrypt the old files.

Blackberry Steganography Tool

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Contact ari[dot]trikesuma[at]gmail[dot]com